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A high-performance, energy-efficient insulation option for long-lasting indoor comfort.

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Spray foam has a whole host of benefits, ranging from temperature control to removing air leaks and improving air quality. And that’s just the beginning! With spray foam insulation, you can relax in comfort year-round, knowing you’re reducing your energy bills and making your La Vergne home stronger and more resilient.

Superior Insulation Plus More

Live and Breathe in Comfort

Enjoy year-round comfort thanks to spray foam. Spray foam blocks drafts, reduces sound transmission, and provides a barrier against pollen and dust.

Dial Up Your Energy Efficiency

Did you know up to 40% of a building’s efficiency is lost due to air infiltration? Even the smallest gap can make a big difference when it comes to heating and cooling your home efficiently.

Save on Rising Energy Costs

Spray foam gives you savings on your energy bills. It lowers the load of your air conditioner, allows you to install smaller HVAC systems, and can even qualify you for tax credits.

Feel the Improved Air Quality

Spray foam seals gaps to stop the entrance of external allergens such as pollen and dust from entering your home. No thanks, allergies! It also prevents moisture which in turn prevents mold growth, making it a safer environment for everybody.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

When your attic is 115+ degrees in the height of summer and your basement is freezing during the depths of winter, spray foam insulation can solve your problem! With spray foam, you can enjoy even temperatures all throughout your home, all year round.

Reduce Insects

Especially useful in summer, spray foam blocks insects from entering your home and making it their own.

Minimizes Sound Transmission

As much as you appreciate your child’s drum skills, you don’t need to hear them from the other end of the house while you’re in a meeting! Open Cell Spray foam can help minimize sound transmission, making it an option for soundproofing.

Maintain Optimal Performance

Spray foam will not deteriorate or decompose over time. It will provide the long term, peace of mind solution you are looking for.

Prevents Moisture

Moisture in your home or business can lead to structural integrity issues as well as possible health issues for its inhabitants and guests.

Our Approach

At Complete Insulation, we’re dedicated to fixing the underlying problem rather than simply providing a patch for the symptom. We’re a local and fast-growing installation service that is passionate about helping our clients achieve maximum comfort in their home or business while reducing their energy bills and costs. Our experienced team is committed to delivering quality care to every client, offering our reliable and trustworthy personalized service across Nashville and Middle TN.

Who We Help

We work directly with homeowners in addition to residential and commercial contractors. Whether your home or building is old or new, we understand that energy efficiency is at the top of your priority list, which is why we offer spray foam insulation to all of our clients.

New Buildings

No matter if it’s a new home, a new small business, or a new major development, energy efficiency is at the top of your list of must-haves for your new building. Our team is knowledgeable in building codes, so you can rest assured your job will be completed promptly and correctly regardless of its size.


With the advances in insulation options and efficiency, it’s no surprise many clients are opting to retrofit their home or business with spray foam. Any existing gaps can let air escape and have it show up in the form of dollars on your energy bill, but retrofitting spray foam insulation will put a stop to that!

The Spray Foam Process


Get An Estimate

At Complete Insulation, we understand the importance of the investment you’re about to make, which is why we offer free inspections.


Our Team Installs

When you’ve decided to go with us, we jump into action to get your home or business as energy-efficient and comfortable as soon as possible.


Enjoy Insulation Benefits

Once your spray foam insulation is installed, enjoy year-round, even temperatures, reduced allergens, and insect invasions, and decreased electricity bills!

Your Questions Answered

Spray foam is a spray applied polyurethane insulating foam. Spray foam is widely used to insulate buildings and seal cracks and gaps, making the building more energy-efficient and comfortable. It forms a continuous thermal barrier for walls, roofs, and other surfaces.

Spray foam fills cracks and gaps that let air out and dust and pollen in so that your home or business doesn’t lose heat in winter or cool air in summer.

Spray foam comes with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better indoor temperature control
  • Reduced allergens such as dust and pollen
  • Minimizes sound transmission
  • Lowers energy bills
  • Makes buildings stronger (Closed Cell) and more resilient
  • Prevents moisture
  • Reduces insects
  • Improved air quality

R value, short for thermal resistance rating, is a way of measuring insulation’s efficiency. It determines how well a material— such as spray foam— resists the transfer of heat.

As much as 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Gaps, holes and air leaks can make energy bills unnecessarily high. Spray foam performs as both insulation and an air barrier, closing gaps that let air escape and add dollars to monthly energy bills.

As locals we service Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area.

Yes, we do work directly with homeowners! We also work with general contractors and commercial clients.

Yes, we do work on retrofit spray foam projects! Older insulation wears down over time, but that doesn’t mean you need to move to a new home to get the insulation you need. At Complete Insulation we can retrofit spray foam insulation to your existing home or business.

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