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Is Your Insulation Not Working As It Should?

If you’ve noticed an unusual smell, an increase in moisture, or a build-up of condensation in your Brentwood home, your insulation may be the problem.

Air always contains water, and when the temperature is higher it retains even more water. When the temperature drops, the air will contain too much vapor and turn into condensation. This condensation can appear in your insulation material and lead to rotting, which can then add a smell to your list of problems.

Seal Your Space And Solve Your Problems

Without a vapor barrier, your insulation is vulnerable to retaining moisture that may then damage your home. A vapor barrier installed over the floor of your crawlspace offers security and unparalleled performance. In some cases, this may be all you need to mitigate your potential risk of issues.

Viper CS By Complete Insulation, Brentwood

At Complete Insulation we use Viper CS, produced by ISI Building Products. The manufacturing process here is second to none and sees it begin with premium quality virgin resin that doesn’t contain any recycled content that is prone to breakage. This means that it resists punctures and tears during installation to ensure its efficiency. Viper CS also will not break down over time, making it a great investment for your home. It is cross-woven and odor-free, and contains a moisture barrier and a radon barrier.

With Complete Insulation as your vapor barrier installation provider, you can rest assured your home is in great hands. Available in either 6.5ML or 10ML, we seal the vapor barrier to the exterior perimeter walls and mechanically fasten it for long-term, high-performance security.

Ready To Keep Your Home Free Of Moisture And Its Effects?

Benefits Of Vapor Barrier

Your Vapor Barrier Questions Answered

A vapor barrier acts as a sealant around your insulation to keep it performing as effectively as possible. As water can seep in through the walls of your home, a vapor barrier prevents this from happening and stops moisture developing and potentially becoming a health hazard.

A vapor retarder is made from 6ML black polyethylene, whereas a vapor barrier must have a vapor permeance of less than .001. As a vapor retarder does not meet this requirement, it is less effective.

While it may be possible for you to install a vapor barrier yourself, this is a complex procedure that requires intermediate skills. Special attention is needed when sealing, and if the finish is not perfected, it will render your vapor barrier useless. We recommend your vapor barrier is installed by professionals.

Why Complete Insulation


Our team at Complete Insulation has the knowledge and experience to insulate your home or commercial property to perfection. With a wealth of knowledge in building codes and a wide range of insulation options, we’ve got the skills and expertise needed to do the job well.

Local Team

Based in Murfeesboro, we’re familiar with Nashville and its surrounding areas and know just how our weather can affect your space. We service Middle TN, Nashville, and surrounding areas with pride and local knowledge.

Complete Service

While we’re experts in vapor barrier installation, that’s just one of the services we can provide for you. We also have experience and skills in spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, and crawlspace encapsulation, making us your one-stop shop for your home or business’ insulation needs.

Looking For Vapor Barrier Installation In Brentwood, TN?

With vapor barrier installation by your local Nashville insulation experts Complete Insulation, you’ll enjoy a home free of moisture and all that it brings with it. Vapor barrier installation prevents warm, moist air from entering your home and potentially harming your home itself and your family’s health. To find out more about vapor barriers and how we can help, contact our professional team today.

Our Approach

It can be difficult to recognize the difference between crawlspace encapsulation and insulation. When you choose Complete Insulation, you don’t need to lose sleep trying to work out what you need, as we do all the work for you! Rather than throwing a quick fix at a problem, we investigate its origins to provide you with the best insulation product and service possible. Our local team is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, offering you competitive prices and a genuine approach.

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