Of course, safety is key when going for spray foam insulation and it’s important that the technicians you are working with cover all safety compliance including a safe job site, using appropriate PPE, and a thorough understanding of the foam processing equipment, substrates, the building envelope, and everything else we need to get the job done right.

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If you’re in Nashville, the surrounding counties or anywhere in Middle Tennessee and considering spray foam insulation for your residential or commercial building, Complete Insulation is a locally owned company with highly trained experts who go above and beyond to ensure your spray foam insulation is done correctly and is in compliance with all safety standards.

Spray Foam

Whether you’re planning a new construction project or you need to retrofit an older home or business, it’s become vital to link the value and comfort of that home or building to the structure’s thermal insulation system. Insulation is the key to comfort and operating cost. Standard insulation is no longer good enough. It takes an innovative, high performance, sustainable insulation solution. Today’s home or building owner wants insulation that will substantially lower energy costs and will protect against dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants, all at an affordable price.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation is that innovative, high performance, sustainable insulation solution! SPF is applied as a liquid to walls, ceilings, attics, or floors, to form a thermal boundary. As it reacts, expands, and cures in-place during the installation process it will form a fully adhered, seamless insulating and air blocking membrane.

The exceptional insulating power of Spray Polyurethane Foam is the vital part of a well-designed insulation system necessary to create a healthy, efficient, comfortable indoor environment.

Builder Benefits

Attention builders – consider Open Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam for your upcoming projects.
• Adaptable to uniquely shaped structures and difficult-to-insulate designs
• Creates a fully adhered and monolithic membrane for a seamless insulation envelope
• Seals construction gaps and cavities in floors and ceilings
• Can be applied to the underside of roof decks to form conditioned attic or cathedral ceiling areas
• Sustainable. Contains renewable agricultural resources and uses no harmful ozone-depleting chemicals.
• ICC Code compliant of the provisions of the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

Frequently Asked Questions Answered:

What are the two (2) types of Spray Polyurethane Foam?

Open Cell:

Open Cell (OCF) spray polyurethane foam has an open cell structure where the cells are filled with air. The open-cell structure renders soft, flexible foam, with a density of about 0.5-0.8 pounds per cubic foot. Still air is the primary insulation medium in OCF, fiberglass and cellulose. These insulations work by reducing the natural air movement within these materials thereby reducing the ability of the material to conduct heat. The R-value per inch of Open Cell spray foam typically ranges from R3.6 to R4.5 per inch. Unlike fiberglass and cellulose, the fine cell structure of OCF makes it air-impermeable at certain thicknesses. The air-impermeability of OCF qualifies it as an air-barrier material, dramatically reducing air leakage through the building envelope, significantly lowering the building’s heating and cooling costs.

Closed Cell:

Closed Cell (CCF) spray polyurethane foam has a closed cell structure which yields a rigid, hard foam, with a density of 1.8-2.3 pound per cubic foot and has been demonstrated to provide significant structural enhancement in certain framed buildings. These smaller cells trap an insulating gas, called a blowing agent. This blowing agent has a lower thermal conductivity than still air, and increases the R-value. Typical R-value per inch of closed-cell foam ranges from R5.8 to R6.8+ per inch, making it a great choice in applications where clearance is limited. Closed Cell spray is also air impermeable at certain thicknesses and can qualify as an air-barrier material. The closed-cell structure of CCF makes it water-resistant, and is the only spray foam that can be used where contact with water is likely (e.g., in crawl spaces, below-grade concrete walls, in contact with the ground, or on exterior side of the building envelope). At a thickness of 1.5 inches, CCF has a moisture permeance typically less than 1.0 perm and no additional vapor retarder is required for most applications.

Does spray foam absorb water?

Closed-cell foams, by nature, are resistant to water absorption, and are approved by FEMA as a flood-resistant material. Open-cell foams can absorb and retain liquid water at varying rates. It is important to consider the different properties for each foam type for each application.

What fire protection measures (thermal or ignition barriers) are required for SPF?

SPF, like many construction materials, is combustible, and can ignite when subjected to heat or flame. For this reason, model building codes require that SPF materials (with some exceptions) must be separated from interior (occupied) spaces by a 15-minute thermal barrier, such as ½” gypsum board. In limited access areas like crawlspaces and attics, an ignition barrier may be permitted in place of a thermal barrier. Prescriptive thermal and ignition barriers are defined in the model building codes, and alternative coatings, coverings and assemblies may be used.


Of course, safety is key when going for spray foam insulation and it’s important that the technicians you are working with cover all safety compliance including a safe job site, using appropriate PPE, and a thorough understanding of the foam processing equipment, substrates, the building envelope, and everything else we need to get the job done right. This is where we really shine.

The End Result:
Spray Polyurethane Foam meets the demands of today’s High Performance building designs. As part of an overall “system approach”, SPF is vital to creating an energy-efficient, low maintenance home or commercial building. The reduction in energy demands for heating and cooling will lower demand on utility companies for the life of the home or building.
When applied directly to a roof deck creating an unvented attic you now bring all that space under into use. Previously wasted attic areas become valuable living space such as computer rooms, bonus rooms, playrooms, or closet space for very little cost, while adding tremendous retail market value to the house. Additionally, in an existing home or building where HVAC ducts are lying in a vented attic, you can use SPF to create an unvented attic that brings the HVAC ductwork into conditioned space, significantly reducing the energy load.
Add up the benefits and it’s easy to see that Spray Polyurethane Foam is the high-performance insulation solution you’ve been looking for.

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After calling several insulation companies and leaving messages and getting no responses I called Complete Insulation where a real person answered and assured me that they didn’t do business that way. Jeff Wells responded within a few minutes and was out promptly the next morning to look over our new home.
He was very personable and honest. He submitted an estimate that we felt was very fair. It was only a few days before a friendly and courteous crew was on site to install fiberglass batt in our walls. Jeff even recommended a drywaller who did our whole house. After the drywall was installed another great crew was out promptly to install the blow in insulation in our attic. The whole process was easy and it was a pleasure working with a company that is so responsive and does what they say they will do. I would definitely recommend Complete Insulation to fulfill your insulation needs.

Tim P.

I needed to replace the insulation in my crawlspace. Jeff, at Complete Insulation, helped tremendously by discussing all my options and the pros and cons of each. They offered a competitive price and the installers did a great job. I highly recommend Complete Insulation!

Gerald R.

Bravo. Insulation Complete is Complete Insulation. The 1937 house I purchased, had previous owners, who remodeled a crawl space or attic into a bedroom. The burning sun beating on the roof was excruciating. Jeff Wells, workmanship to spray insulate, was the solution. This action, provided a barrier that was essential for temperature control. Many thanks.

Judith F.

I had a fire in my attic and needed all of the contaminated insulation removed. I am *AMAZED* at how thorough the hard working folks at Complete were. You could almost eat off the floor of the attic. The entire crew was courteous, quick and more than fair with the price. Highly recommend.

Derik H.

We can already tell a difference in the “draftiness” of the house and the heat doesn’t seem to run as long even though it has gotten down in the 20’s in the evening. If you have the need for an insulation contractor, I couldn’t recommend Complete Insulation any more highly.

Patrick S.

We had barrier and insullation replaced in the crawl space and the experience was great. Jeff was very informative and polite, couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. The installation guys were great and it was complete in one day. The floors are warmer. The morning after the instsallation when I woke I could definately tell a difference in the air quality.

Carol R.
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